Welcome to Krista Studios!


Krista Studios is a home of the famous Krista Cobrapunho School of Dance, I am Krista Cobrapunho and allow me to guide you through my site.


Having moved to England in the 1970's from Brazil to pursue a dancing career I found myself settling in the Crookes area of Sheffield after falling in love and starting a family.


My first dance class started in a community hall as a way for me to get fit again following my childbirth and the local community began to really enjoy it, I was able to get more suitable lodgings after time as the following built and then I found myself needing somewhere more permanent.


With the help of a local estate agents in Ely I was able to secure the ideal premises for my business to blossom into the success that it is today.


This site is an introduction to anyone interested in joining one of my classes and a great opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported my dreams along the way.